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Rock Creek Rockin to Bakken
  Rockin' the Bakken Press Release

Attached please find a follow up to our initial outreach and additional information on the expanded housing development in the Bakken area. We will be following up with you again to confirm you have received this and if it is of interest to your readers.

Rockin’ the Bakken: Building for Beyond the Boom

WILLISTON: North Dakota is shoveling out from its first major storm of the winter. Not that eight wimpy inches of new snow slows down anything here, however. There are still 30,000 oil wells to drill.

But while the usual frenzied “gett’er done” double time pace continues, western North Dakota now faces a more daunting challenge: building infrastructure that supports a new way of life and culture...

The Big Picture

If you’re painting by numbers, the Bakken shale presents an impressive portrait.

Geographic size of Bakken Shale: 25,000 square miles in North Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

2011 ranking among U.S. oil fields: 14th (and rising).

Proven reserves: Between 19-24 billion barrels using most recent technology (that only recovers a maximum of 15 percent of reserves). Experts predict rapid advances in recovery technology, however. Above the Bakken lies the Tyler formation, with one billion barrels of recoverable oil; underneath the Bakken lies the Three Forks formation, which may contain two billion barrels of recoverable oil.



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